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Have the Biggest US Banks Really Been Nationalized Already?

Dick Bove, who covers the banking sector for Rafferty Capital Markets, was predicting which banks might do better this earnings season.

This Much Will Kill You

AsaapSCIENCE investigates how much and/or how long it would take for everyday things to kill you.

Yellen is transforming the US economy into her favourite textbook model

When you read the standard macroeconomic textbook you will be introduced to different macroeconomic models and the characteristics of these models are often described as keynesian and classical/monetarist. In the textbook version it is said that keynesians believe that prices and wages are rigid, while monetarist/classical economist believe wages and prices are fully flexible. This […]

Will the Fed’s $4.5 Trillion Balance Sheet Matter In Its Rate Hike Decision?

This week will bring yet another FOMC meeting where the U.S. Federal Reserve will release its decision on interest rates for Fed Funds. Whether or not that new announcement comes with a formal interest rate hike or not remains a point that is highly contested. What may matter more than whether Fed Funds rise to 0.25% from a […]

IMF Says China Economy Slows; Caixin China PMI Collapses

IMF chief Christine Lagarde has said what the economic world already knows. The Chinese economy is slowing and the slowdown will touch the rest of the world.

The 10 Nations That Own the Most Gold

24/7 Wall St. has reviewed which nations are the largest holders of gold. These are counted by how much gold is owned by each central bank.

CPI Shows That Inflation Remains Tame

In July, the Consumer Price Index ticked higher for the sixth consecutive month, but less than expected.

Malaysia has a freely floating Renggit – and thank god for that!

The 5 Nations Still Buying Gold for Their Central Banks

Horror graph of the week – Greek PMI collapses