Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Citadel Is Breached: Congress Taps the Fed for Infrastructure Funding

In a landmark infrastructure bill passed in December, Congress finally penetrated the Fed’s “independence” by tapping its reserves and bank dividends for infrastructure funding. The bill was a start. But some experts, including Congressional candidate Tim Canova, say Congress should go further and authorize funds to be issued for infrastructure directly. For at least a […]


Crude Oil Dips Below $30

At its low for the day Tuesday, WTI crude oil for February delivery traded at $29.93 before settling at $30.25. That’s the first time WTI crude has traded below $30 a barrel since 2003. Through the first seven trading days of 2016, crude prices have dropped 18%. We’ve already noted today that the U.S. Energy […]

Inching closer to a US recession, while Yellen is eager to hike

Today we got the Minutes from the December 15-16 FOMC meeting where the Fed hiked interest rates.  That in itself is not terribly interesting and there is not much news in the Minutes to shock the markets. Nonetheless it is another day of tightening of US monetary conditions – stronger dollar, lower inflation expectations, lower […]