FOMC Minutes: Fed Still Preparing To Raise Rates, But On Measured Basis

24/7 Wall St.

Stock Split ImageThe market is just going to have to get used to the notion that the interest rate hike cycle is coming. The good news is that the rate hikes are not coming in June, at least that is what the wording from the minutes of the last FOMC meeting is indicating. One consideration that traders and investors should consider is that the word “patient” was not used in these minutes and that these are the minutes from the April 28 – 29 FOMC meeting.

Another consideration, which 24/7 Wall St. had addressed in detail, is that bankers, investors, consumers, and business owners simply do not need to worry excessively about rising interest rates. The market has seen waves of overreactions to getting ready for higher interest rates.

The big news is that a June rate hike is doubtful, even if it wasn’t ruled out entirely. A few officials thought that the…

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