Money or Debt is focused on Cryptocurrencies and to a lesser extent, macroeconomics.

Will Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies make you rich? What we can say is that the financial industry will be disrupted significantly, and blockchain and therefore cryptocurrencies will play roles in many other industries, managing documents, title ownership, supply chains, health and genomics data and more.

It is the Internet of Money according to one key participant. (I highly recommend the book Internet of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos.) In Internet terms, we are in the early 90s with Cryptocurrencies, so the growth ahead is still nearly unimaginable.


We see cryptocurrency as the newest stage in the evolution of money: Money 3.0. (Money 1.0 was gold and silver coinage, Money 2.0 is fiat paper and digital money. Paper certificates that once represented gold or silver lost all their asset backing).

Like Money 1.0, cryptocurrencies are asset-based, whereas Money 2.0 is debt-based. Fiat money is created along with debt. Cryptocurrencies are created via a mining process “proof of work” or a proof of stake or other consensus mechanism. Thus they enter the world as assets, not debt.

Fiat is debt. Cryptocurrencies are assets. Digital assets or virtual assets to be sure, but currency, since they have units of account, are a store of value, and can be used as a medium of exchange.


Download for free, a “Rule of 72 table”. This provides an estimate of the number of years to double your money vs. the annual percentage rate of return earned.

Rule of 72 Table (freely downloadable)

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